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If you havenít wet yourself and curled up like a fetus at the thought of the coming outbreak then you are obviously interested in survival, good for you. This covers all things pertaining to keeping your ass breathing from one day to the next. Youíll learn all there is to know about dealing with the horde on a regular basis. Everything from how not to get bitten to safety guidelines when traveling, this is where youíll find it.

This will cover the day-to-day operations like how to scavenge for supplies and why you donít eat "fuzzy stuff" at the grocery store. You will also find such useful information like why you never blindly walk through doors and what do to if you are infected. There is also a subsection that addresses specific issues weíve decided need extra attention like the misconceptions on what makes good weaponry. I know wielding a 10 foot steel pole feels badass but itís just not practical and will get you a limp and the ability to drool from your eye socket.

Long Term
This will go over possible locations, valuable resources to attain, and why you cannot survive for more than a couple weeks in a liquor store. This section will prepare you to live out the rest of your days death-free. This is absolutely necessary and is usually what breaks most people. We are in for some bleak times to come, if you donít see the point of living long enough to need pre-chewed meals you might as well swallow a bullet the day the dead rise and save the rest of us the trouble.

If youíre going to survive in a post apocalyptic world you better know what youíre dealing with. This will prepare you for the worst of what the zombies can do and how they function. Weíll teach you their weaknesses, strengths, strategies, everything there is to know about our decomposing host.

This is where you make all the tough decisions. This is the compendium of elite zombie fighting weaponry. Everything from baseball bats to toilet scrubbers youíll eventually find it here. As you can see we're still under construction but fear not we have a team of monkeys working diligently on content. This will be an ongoing effort to gauge effectiveness of everyday house hold weapons to make sure you donít go running into battle with a whiffle ball bat.

In the initial outbreak your going to be in situations where you will have to hunt for supplies. That means leaving your urine soaked basement and moving among the dead. But there are smart ways to do it and there are suicidal ways to do it. You will learn what cars are worth "commandeering" as well as how to zombie-pimp your auto. You'll come to realize there is a time to drive like Machine Gun Joe Viterbo, and a time to sneak around like Shinobi those circumstances will also be addressed here.

If you don't have a zombie plan for all scenarios then you have no desire to live past tomorrow. You must stay ever vigilant and this area will teach you how. You should be scanning your surroundings for possible things to defend yourself with, looking for rations, and plotting escape routes. It should be the first thing you do when you walk into a room and it should be constantly revised. I have 154 different zombie plans in the event my house comes under siege and I still don't have it all covered. Don't get caught panicking as your recently deceased neighbor comes a callin' for brains and vital organs. Execution is key and you need to be ready

This is reserved for the ultra basics, to help you determine which end of the gun is the business end and so on. Mainly if we receive the same questions over and over again you'll see em here because there really is such a thing as a stupid question and now we've created a place for them, laugh at these people accordingly.

In these pages you will find real survival tactics, not movie magic bullshit. If life were the movies everyone would know gun-fu and would be able to run through the streets of Manhattan, pistol-whipping 104 zombies without getting soaked with infected blood. In the real world things are messy, you will have to work hard to stay alive but hopefully youíll be able to use this guide to help you manage. We of course make no guarantees but I'm willing to say just by reading this page you've doubled your chances.

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