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Assessing the situation
Arming yourself
Fortifying your position
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Making a break for it

Making a break for it

So you've decided it's time to leave your position. This may happen for a few different reasons. 1) Zombies have over run your fortifications, 2) You have found out the meeting point for the resistance and want to be around other people who aren't ready to be torn to pieces, or 3) Canada always did sound like a nice place to live... hockey... moose... eh?

If you've set your mind to it, you should try to leave during the daylight hours. Research has shown humans have poor vision at night and those damnable undead don't. Also, when you use a flashlight you might as well be putting a neon sign above your head that says "Here I am Zombies! Come eat my fucking brains!" As I mentioned earlier zombies are attracted to light.

While traveling, quiet is always the best way to go. On top of being attracted to light, they are also attracted to sound. A car might not be your best option because of things like noise, headlights, and running out of gas but whatever you choose, pick the road less traveled. The farther you stay away from civilization the better. As previously mentioned zombies are attracted to food (you) and follow patterns similar to the ones used when they were alive. So heading away from people will yield a greater likelihood of reaching your destination without running into zombies and becoming a fresh and tasty meal. However, this does not mean you should let your guard down because danger could still be stumbling around nearby. For a more in depth look at transportation and the best ways to travel visit the transport page.


A man running from zombies
from 20th Century Fox's
"28 Weeks Later" (2007)

Well, this section covered the basics. The one thing you should have learned is if you get your ass ready with slight preparations you will be ready to outwit the undead horde and continue to be in possession of your flesh and internal organs intact. The purpose of this article was to give you a basic understanding of how to survive and was written with the idea that your sorry ass isn't ready or hasn't even considered the need to get ready. Now that you're armed with this basic knowledge you can dive deeper into the more advanced sections of this site and get ready for the apocalypse.

Maybe I'll see you when the resistance meets up and you can thank me for helping you live. Or maybe I'll blow your sorry-ass brains right out of your rotting zombie head. I sincerely hope for the first option.

Some Quick Survival Facts to Keep in Mind:
  • The human body can survive 2 weeks without food, but only a couple of days up to a maximum of one week without water. So make sure you have some.
  • You can recycle and drink your own urine for one week before it becomes too toxic to drink.
  • Your feet are your best mode of transportation. Take care of them by keeping them dry and wearing boots with ankle support.
  • 80% of body heat is lost through your head. So if it's going to be cold, try to grab a hat. Even if it's off of a corpse.

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